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bc on unix: obase=16 ibase=16 p=F401F9E76A0E65D80AA8CF0D526D8D8747E53A3E1223B143AA73F675708ED966AB96965040907CCDF3D5C77904AA0906A6941E3A9C69AEC1F99E73E6EDB07191 q=E29F25EC241F0FEDAD28B8DD1DCBABBD066F4F557467AE6A2CE4ED34F9D93257E2F8C8B6EE1F7A687E386BFEE9C20C3388385E82AFA498237FF801D283216D4D ...


If you just need random numbers, there's no point in generating random primes. Just make sure that you're using a cryptographically secure random number generator, properly seeded from a secure entropy source. Also, passwords made up of random letters and numbers are very hard to remember (and type). For a password meant to be memorized by a human, it's ...

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