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What's to guarantee authentication or message integrity (particularly when Alice and Bob are exchanging which filters were correct and so on)? A pre-authenticated classical channel is an essential requirement in addition to the quantum channel on which the quantum key exchange (QKE) is performed. This implies that Alice and Bob must share an initial ...


Let’s take your questions in order. Note that I’m a physicist working in quantum cryptography, so my opinion on this might be biased 1. What about authentication ? The classical channel between Alice and Bob has to be authenticated in order for the protocol to work. Formally, this is a pre-requisite for quantum key distribution (QKD), and is not part of ...


Actually recently I found out about a complete QKD simulation toolkit that has become available, accessible online via this link, QKD simulator. It is a parameter-based simulator, so different scenarios (qubit numbers, Eve's influence, etc.) can be set up and simulated.

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