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If you're really interested in practical problems and want to know what people care about when actually deploying crypto in practice, then you can start by e.g. reading through the messages of the IETF Crypto Forum Research Group mailing list. The discussions cover mostly crypto standards, which means that it's as practical as it can get. Archived ...


Since it's a linear cipher, you should be wary about a guessable padding, otherwise if your last block is only one char long, you will reveal almost your whole matrix on this last block. If you're too afraid of mangling the last word, use something like 'Z'+(random chars). But I really would not use any predictable padding with such a cipher.


F(s,A) can be a prefix-free encoding of the number of elements in the finite field encoded by s || $\:$ the polynomial R (as described at this link) from that finite field $\;$ || the output of the degree-at-most-(N-1) polynomial encoded by s over that finite field at the point A . Let SP be the set of polynomials of degree at most N-1 over the finite ...

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