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My amateur understanding, osmosed from everything I've avidly read, is that Alan Turing independently discovered and applied Bayes theorem to the cracking of the M4 Enigma. Bayes theorem could be described as 'inference'. Turing didn't have a direct hand in attacking Fish nor the building of Colossus but his probabilistic approach was adopted by the ...


PGP key formats are defined in RFC 4880. Specifically, section 5.5. The private key format includes the public key and quite a bit of other information in unencrypted form. It might be easier to add another layer of encryption on top of that before you use steganography.


Much of what NIST publishes about cryptographic algorithms is in Special Publications. In this case it is SP 800-131 (pdf) where they describe transitioning away from old algorithms and key sizes. Pages 14-15 have the hash function specific information: SHA-1 for digital signature generation:      SHA-1 may only be used for ...

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