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I am using chunks of 1MB and give them a GUID as filename That is fine although unnecessary, the entire input file can be encrypted. These chunks are then first compresses using DEFLATE to minimize attacks based on known Content VERY BAD idea, since you are breaking the input file into pieces, you are now exposing the entropy of specific file ...


According to the original NESSIE submission of Whirlpool: "The finite field ${\rm GF}(2^8)$ will be represented as ${\rm GF}(2)[x]/p(x)$, where $p(x) =$ $x^8 +$ $x^4 +$ $x^3 +$ $x^2 +$ $1$ is the first primitive polynomial of degree $8$ listed in [19]. The polynomial $p(x)$ was chosen so that $g(x) = x$ is a generator of ${\rm GF}(2^8) \setminus \{0\}$." ...

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