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To do EEA on a finite-field, you can't perform the operations using the operations in the ring of the integers (and they're not precisely the same operations in the field either, as you're working with bit vectors, not field elements). In particular: When you do "addition", you need to perform the addition as done in even characteristic fields (that is, ...


I ("SEJPM" as of now) have contacted the authors asked them the same questions as in my question. I'm posting this as community wiki, as it's not my answer to this question but rather theirs. Now the responses follow: First off, the authors are working on a design rationale in english for their new cipher. As soon as it's published, it will be linked ...


The most likely rationale to change the AES design is political. It's a NIST standard, designed in Western Europe. It's a bad idea! How much scrutiny has it received? Almost none. How much will it receive? Almost none. Bad idea.

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