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There are three distinct computational problems related to RSA. They are: FACTORIZATION: given an RSA modulus $n$, find its prime factors $p$ and $q$; ORDER: given an RSA modulus $n$, find the order $\lambda$ of the multiplicative group modulo $n$; RSA Problem: given a ring element $a \in \mathbb{Z}_n$, a public exponent $e$ and an RSA modulus, find an ...


In step 9, you decrypted the ciphertext, 128, to the original message, 2. That's it. You're done with the toy example of naive RSA encryption/decryption. Using RSA in real life, you would apply padding, such as OAEP (also known as PKCS#1v2), to your message before raising it to the e power modulo n. If the plaintext you're trying to encrypt is quite short, ...

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