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From looking at the source or 7zip that seems to be the case. The format has a place for a salt, as SEJPM's link shows. It is mixed into the homebrewn iterated SHA-256 hash before the key. The 7zip decoder even seems to support salts. However, the encoder never uses a salt. Oddly there is even code for generating a random 4-byte salt, but it is commented ...


There's absolutely zero need to have the token tied to the user's email address. Just add a column in the database for the token, generate the token randomly, and send it out to the user. If you want to go one step further, send the user the token, but only store $H(token)$ in the database, where $H$ is a sound cryptographic hash function of your choosing.


From a cryptographic standpoint a MAC would be perfect (e.g. HMAC-SHA256(strong secret key, email)). As long as no-one knows your secret key it is infeasible to find a token for another mail. One thing you will probably have to handle is: What happens when someone changes their email? What if someone resubmits the same form? Should the token be invalidated ...

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