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Currently you seem to be using a Password Based KDF (PBKDF); you are using PBKDF2, as defined in Rfc2898. You don't need to do this as randomly generated data is already fine for creating an AES key. So - as you don't need a PBKDF - you don't actually need a salt. If you need more keys or key data then what is actually required is a Key Based KDF (KBKDF), ...


The article you linked to explains everyting Salt concatenated with i encoded as a big-endian 32-bit integer So, || is concatenation, INT_32_BE is a function that encodes the 32 bit integer i as big endian. On a big endian system, INT_32_BE would do nothing. On a little endian architecture, it would do the encoding. i goes from 1 to dklen/hlen. ...

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