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If you perform the distribution digitally (using networks) then you have a problem. Unless you use another one time pad you lose the perfect confidentiality as the distribution itself won't deliver perfect security. But using another one time pad is pointless: you would lose exactly as many key bits as you are distributing, while you are only protecting the ...


Actually, you can do Shamir Secret Sharing over any finite field $GF(p^k)$, for any prime $p$ and any integer $k$. If $k=1$, you have the $GF(p)$ field you mentioned; however it works on extension fields as well. We often pick $p=2$ and $k$ a multiple of 8; this makes everything nice even number of bytes (at the cost of doing our calculations in $GF(2^k)$). ...


There are no security advantages to evaluating the polynomial at random places instead of sequential. The information theoretic security proof of Shamir secret sharing does not depend on the evaluation points being chosen in any specific manner.

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