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BCrypt is considered more secure The theoretical security of bcrypt has received less scrutiny than that of PBKDF2, SHA2 and HMAC. PBKDF2 is thus widely standardised (e.g. in NIST SP800-132 and PKCS #5) while bcrypt is not. In practice the security (resistance to brute force attack or dictionary attack) of bcrypt and PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA512 can be ...


Yes you can use bcrypt in this scenario. The output of bcrypt is 192-bits encoded using base-64, giving you 248-bits. Well short of your 512-bit requirement. What I would recommend you do, if you choose bcrypt, is akin to what was recommended here. Use HMAC instead of SHA-512 of the output of bcrypt. For the reasons why, see this question and answer. It is ...

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