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Nimbus or Thinbus are two popular SRP implementations in Java and Javascript compute the proof of password as you describe H(A|B|S) where you can supply your own hash functions such as SHA1 or SHA256 or stronger. The actual protocol design document states H(H(N) xor H(g), H(I), s, A, B, K) where K=H(S) so that expands to H(H(N) xor H(g)|H(I)|s|A|B|H(S)). ...


I know PBKDF2 is essentially "useless" against anyone with a GPU rig and I have read that bcrypt is "useless" to anyone with an FPGA setup. Neither is useless. Newer alternatives like scrypt and the eventual PHC winner make better use of the defenders' resources, but even a thousand iterations of PBKDF2 is useful, compared to doing nothing. If you ...

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