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No, since finding $a$ allows offline checking of passwords. $\:$ No, although I can't back this part up.


SRP with the user's key = 0 is identical to DH. SRP with a publicly known key is identical to DH with a constant multiplier. For private key $x$, user ephemeral value $a$, server ephemeral value $b$, and $u$ derived from shared values, SRP ends up calculating the value $g^{ab + uxa}$ (which is then typically hashed to get the shared key). If $x$ is zero, ...


The multiplier parameter $k$ is different between SRP 6 and 6a. You can see that RFC 5054 calculates it using a hash of the domain parameters (modulus $N$ and generator $g$), so it is using SRP 6a, as opposed to SRP 6 where $k$ is constant. Likewise, in section 6.2.1 of IEC 11770-4 – the October 2005 draft at least – the equivalent value $c$ is defined as a ...

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