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SSL was designed long ago when encrypt-then-MAC wasn't that popular yet. Even TLS 1.2, published in 2008, is pretty old by now, and while encrypt-then-MAC was preferred by then, the practical risks were underestimated for a long time. Padding oracles attacks became well known after several high profile attacks in 2010. With stream ciphers, MAC-then-encrypt ...


TLSv1.1 doesn't have a different treatment of the key-exchange parameters than TLSv1.2 has. It's just a little less obvious. Let's dig into TLSv1.1 specification. On page 44 you'll find that ServerKeyExchange consists of ServerXXXParams params and Signature signed_params. Now on page 44 you'll actually find a definition of Signature. This definition signs ...


Given your ideal setup, I don't think you need anything else than plaintext authentication. The only thing could be if the server at the end of the TLS link is not the one managing the authentication (in which case you do not necessarily want to reveal to it your password).

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