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This is an error in RFC 2246 corrected at https://www.rfc-editor.org/errata_search.php?rfc=2246 and in the subsequent version TLS RFCs 4346 and 5246. It derives from SSLv3 on which TLSv1.0 was mostly based, now available as RFC 6101 if you want to compare them. You'll see SSLv3 had enum { client(0x434C4E54), server(0x53525652) } Sender; (which are the ...


Is there a standard or at least "commonly used" format to format the result? PKCS #7 (and CMS which is a further development) describes a standard format for encrypted data. While it's mainly meant for public key encrypted data, it also has options for symmetric keys. It's rather complex due to all the features it supports, however, so unless you can ...

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