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Like fkraiem's answer points out, passing a statistical test does not prove a PRNG is cryptographically random, or even statistically random with regard to other tests. In the case of RC4 the biases are most prominent in the beginning of the keystream. To borrow a useful illustration from Vanhoef and Piessens' "All Your Biases Belong To Us: Breaking RC4 in ...


Statistical tests have no value to evaluate randomness in a cryptographic sense, because an attacker is not required to use any specific test. The fact that a stream passes some set of predetermined tests tells you nothing about how it fares against tests which are not in the set.


The best one is the most reputable one. That is, the one which had been widely used, studied, and standardized. If both fall into that class, choose the one which uses more secure or larger-state primitives under the hood. Example: when comparing the NIST-standard Hash-DRBG using SHA-256 versus HMAC-DRBG with SHA-1, I would personally choose the first due to ...

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