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Yes you can. This is because hash can be made using block ciphers and we know that block ciphers can be made from stream ciphers. Thus, by the transitive property we can observe that hash can be made from stream ciphers. I hope this helps!


XORing a key and message is called a one time pad. It is perfectly secure, providing confidentiality, when used correctly. That last part is the hard part, along with finding a situation in which you only need confidentiality.


With a synchronous stream cipher (Sync SC), the stream is generated from the internal state, which is built from the key, and depending on the algorithm, a nonce. As the algorithm goes through its steps, the state is changed, and new stream bits are generated. If you want go get to the 11560th bit of stream, you have to start at bit 1 and go through all ...


The stream cipher generates 128 key stream bits per iteration. Usually these bits are buffered internally. When the encryption or decryption (identical operation, encryption = decryption) takes place then the bits are taken out of the buffer and the plaintext at the same location is xorred with it. When the keystream buffer is exhausted the next iteration ...

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