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An early paper on this topic: https://www.cs.umd.edu/~elaine/docs/implauth.pdf


Cryptography might not be philosophy, but the concept of true randomness is somewhat within that purview. It might be useful to cross post this in a philosophy forum and get their perspective. PRNGs and TRNG blur together if the PRNG is good. Some believe that *nix's /dev/random is pretty good. Some have passed what science has decided are exacting tests ...


Dingo13, the answer is that P and S boxes are effectively two halves of the same thing. This is the reason people confuse the two. Despite the Wikipedia plagiarism, e-sushi's S-P network diagram is an excellent example of the reason for needing both. The object of a cryptographic function is to alter the input in an unpredictable way, be it for an ...


CTR mode encryption, instantiated with a secure block cipher, is IND-CPA secure under the usual definition (Bellare et al., 1997; Rogaway, 2011). The term "mult-CPA" does not appear to be in widespread use, but it's found e.g. in these German lecture slides (Kiltz, 2011). In the slides, it is defined (on slide 66) in a similar way as ordinary IND-CPA ...

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