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created 17 hours ago
the use of randomness in an encryption algorithm, so that when encrypting the same message several times it will, in general, yield different ciphertexts.
created Jun 30 at 4:49
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an SQL-Aware encrypted database system from MIT
created Jun 26 at 15:40
stream cipher proposed by Daniel J. Bernstein, as an evolution of Salsa20 with (conjecturally) improved resistance to cryptanalysis.
created Jun 21 at 20:16
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created Jun 20 at 10:42
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created Jun 20 at 10:04
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The Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard is defined in RFC 2315. PKCS#7 is used to sign and/or encrypt messages under a PKI. It´s also used for certificate dissemination (for instance as a response t…
created Jun 19 at 21:29
created Jun 19 at 12:08
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a set of public key cryptography standards provided by the IEEE.
created Jun 10 at 4:52
created Jun 8 at 10:27
created Jun 3 at 22:59
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created May 31 at 18:29
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created May 31 at 15:29
created May 31 at 14:36
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An attack on TLS and related protocols as of may 2015. This attack uses pre-computations to attack short prime diffie hellmann key exchange, primes with up to 1024 bits length are considered broken. I…
created May 22 at 18:19
created May 22 at 9:45
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a toy variant of the DES cipher introduced by Edward F. Schaefer in 1996 for educational purposes. It has an 8-bit block size and a 10-bit key, and uses two rounds, with two 4x2 bit …
created May 21 at 16:33