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An attack on TLS and related protocols as of may 2015. This attack uses pre-computations to attack short prime diffie hellmann key exchange, primes with up to 1024 bits length are considered broken. I…
created May 22 at 18:19
created May 22 at 9:45
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a toy variant of the DES cipher introduced by Edward F. Schaefer in 1996 for educational purposes. It has an 8-bit block size and a 10-bit key, and uses two rounds, with two 4x2 bit …
created May 21 at 16:33
created May 18 at 8:38
created Apr 29 at 20:16
created Apr 29 at 20:16
Blockcipher based on the compression function of SHA-256. This cipher interprets the internal compression function of SHA-256 as blockcipher. The key is provided as "input data" and the input is fed i…
created Apr 25 at 19:37
created Apr 24 at 2:21
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Technique mainly employed for factorization based cryptosystems to hide information. Usually blinding involves using a multiplicative homomorphic property of the cipher, it may be used to realize blin…
created Apr 22 at 15:29
created Apr 22 at 15:29