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created 2 days ago
a relatively new asymmetric key agreement protocol (also designated the Colored Burau Key Agreement Protocol), based on a simultaneous conjugacy search problem in a braid group.
created Nov 18 at 11:41
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created Nov 12 at 10:05
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Encrypting images so that they can be decrypted without using a computer, e.g. by superimposing two random-looking images.
created Nov 4 at 22:50
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short for Dual Elliptic Curve Deterministic Random Bit Generator; a pseudorandom number generator based on the elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem.
created Nov 3 at 9:24
created Oct 31 at 12:03
created Oct 29 at 16:09
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the name of a computer hardware technology by Intel, formerly known as “LaGrande Technology”.
created Oct 24 at 10:32