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I enjoy developing software professionally and in my spare time. To me, there is not much more rewarding than completing a difficult project, algorithm, or even just designing something elegant.

Passionate about software and writing not only correct code but easily understood code, I strive to teach others about anything I have learned. I embrace knowledge sharing and I wish that everyone would be willing to give programming a try so that they too can feel the same satisfaction that comes to me each and every day.

My best quality is my analytical thinking process and the ability to rapidly solve any problem that faces me. However, this becomes a weakness when I get lost in thought about the esoteric concepts around every day things; springs and rocks fascinate me on a near weekly basis.

comment Zero Knowledge Password Proof
It is expired now :)
comment Derived Shared Key vs Distinct Keys?
What kind of replay attacks specifically? I don't see how using the shared key for authentication and encryption would open up a replay vulnerability.
comment Encryption technique performance evaluation
I don't believe you can say that all amateur encryption schemes are insecure because frankly, things like AES and Serpent are amateur in nature. You cam also make something so complicated and convoluted that it's very difficult to analyze without knowledge of the actual cipher. So, if this individual hid their cipher implementation and simply posted the ciphertext online, it's pretty likely that even the NSA would not be able to break it without a fair bit of hints. There have been amateur ciphers in the past that have not been broken by the FBI nor the NSA this way.