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Hi, I come from the world of "systems", as an engineer and architect, I recently started programming in C#, js, html oriented to the development of web applications (aspnet MVC WebAPI, as backend, accessed by an html and js client or frontend, also site-crossed) so I always refer my "help context" to the use of this languages and tecnicques.

I'm a person who "asks help" only after RTFM, and TFM, and other various Hundreds of articles googling a lot, and sometimes the problem is the articles found for a wrong keyword searched cannot solve my problems.

Usually I'm very good to find cross-covered problems and at this moment I have no mastered all the technical terminologies and the tools or methods to have a "global overview" of the situation and disassembly and solve crossed problems.

I will try to be complete as possible, but also ask to who spend time to help me to find an answer, do not assume anything and contextualize the "what" and "where" to put the possible solution, and if it can help the other 3 Ws of the rule of the "Five Ws"

usually 90% of articles that can't help are not "obsolete" but simply "Five Ws" compliant. also in stackoverflow, there are thousands questions on same problem for years, always valid, but most visited, so best indexed, are rarely, the most complete for the problem.

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