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About mins:

  • mins stands for minimums. This is an expression used when landing an aircraft. It refers to the minimum conditions that must exist for the landing to be continued. For instance there is an altitude above the sea (or a height above the runway) the pilot cannot descend below, unless the landing has been allowed by the control and is actually confirmed secured by the pilot (e.g. the runway is visible).

  • There is an announcement in the cockpit when this altitude is about to be reached ("Approaching minimums!"), and when it is reached ("Minimums!"). If the landing is not secured when the minimums are reached, and depending on the type of approach, the pilot may continue to fly at this altitude if landing conditions are not all confirmed, and in other cases they must make a decision immediately to land or to initiate a missed approach.

  • 'BARO 190', my logo, is an indication on the primary display that the current minimum altitude setting is 190 feet. BARO means this altitude is be measured using a pressure altimeter (and not the radio altimeter). Minimums may be expressed on approach plates as MDA/H, DA/H.

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