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There isn't really one great way to describe me.

I have a huge passion for programming and am currently finishing up school for it, but started teaching myself to code years beforehand. I've developed on a wide variety of systems for a wide variety of reasons, and know more languages then I can count on my hands now.

At the same time, I also am a huge music person, enjoying drawing, and have recently become very involved in ballroom dance. I love to run, enjoy math, and have recently taken up cooking as yet another odd hobby. I love applying these hobbies to my code when I can, and will usually look for an excuse to do so.

You can find me on a nice beach in the Summer building sand castles and in a pile of leaves in the Fall taking pictures. During the Winter I'll be building snow forts and in the Spring I'll be exploring nearby woods. If you can't find me in real life, I'm usually over on the Freenode IRC in #palib as well.

Oh, and I've recently started a blog too called Shape the World. I also have a LinkedIn of course that you can see some of my projects on, as well as a Github that has more, but is a bit messier.

Hopefully I can provide some help on here, and I would of course love feedback on what I post!