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Dustin Kirkland the Chief Technology Officer at Gazzang, delivering data security and encryption for the cloud around eCryptfs. Dustin is also an active Core Developer of the Ubuntu Linux distribution, maintainer of 20+ open source projects, including Byobu and eCryptfs, and the creator of zEscrow, DivItUp.com, and LinuxSearch.org.

He lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife, daughter, and two Australian Shepherds.

comment Information leakage from the ecryptfs filesystem
@HamishDowner, if you have the wrapped-passphrase, that's correct. Note that you may not necessarily have the wrapped-passphrase. I store mine on a removable sd card or usb key.
comment Information leakage from the ecryptfs filesystem
The primary difference between eCryptfs and EncFS is that eCryptfs is an in-kernel filesystem and uses the in-kernel keyring and in-kernel crypto algorithms, and EncFS is user space filesystem that uses FUSE.