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I've been developing for several years in multiple different environments and languages. After all of these years I have come to the conclusion that C# is my all-time favorite language and Visual Studio is my all-time favorite IDE. This might be surprising to some considering that I am an avid Linux user with Mint as my primary desktop (Windows in VM). Whatever one might think about Micro$oft, I feel that they hit a real homerun with C# and VS.

I mean this as no offense to anyone, but I'm not interested in answering thousands of "softball questions" to earn "reputation" points that are somehow magically supposed to represent my perceived level of importance and capability.

Reputation points are frequently a version of Facebook friends. :) These social sites are all kind of gay no matter how useful they may be.

Additionally, stop freaking trolling. Seriously. Like my mother used to say, "Contribute to coding in a meaningful manner or don't contribute at all."

Keeping a low profile.

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