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Dmitry Guyvoronsky

For last 15 years I was working as lead software engineer, team lead, engineering manager and resource director for companies in Denmark, Ukraine and USA.

I was administering FreeBSD/Linux systems and networks at ISP, creating websites (hello python, java, tomcat, apache and ngnix), constructing large-scale systems for automotive production automation (hi, Volkswagen!), designed and implemented financial and exchange trading software (this or visit that), soldered and programmed Arduino boards, interviewed and hired world top engineers (guys, I'm proud to work with you), managed Ukrainian development office of 50+ people, gave presentations on Pycon.ua and spend my time in number of other interesting ways, using number of technologies, C++ (STL/Boost) and Python being the primary tools of the trade.

Now I live in Seattle and work as Software Development Manager at Amazon (AWS/CloudFront).