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comment RC4 : Keystream reconstruction?
I don't think it's good to give here the link of the challenge because it was released on 16 of this month, So I will send it to you via PM mine is Kiyohime.Shoji[a] if you want.
comment RC4 : Keystream reconstruction?
Yes your are alright for what the program does. I will try the brute-force solution, but i don't think this will work (no information about the password). For your question about the reset of RC4 algorithm, no they use only once the original key with the KSA and after that they load byte by byte the crypted file and do a XOR with the output of the PRGA. The main purpose of the challenge is to test the reverse/network skill and not crypto (at the first step we get just a network dump file), now you confirmed my fear that even with the entire decrypted file i can't get the password. Thank you.