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I develop in javascript as a hobby.

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comment How to generate a random integer in interval $[1, 2^n-1]$ from random integer in interval $[0, 2^n-1]$?
@PaĆ­loEbermann you are correct, I entered the interval incorrectly. Fixed now, thank you.
comment Contruct a protocol to determine if three secret keys are different, without revealing any of them?
Are they to communicate sequentially? Therefore the last party will be the one to report whether the secrets are equal? Or must everyone communicate with everyone else and each determine individually the (non)equivalence of their secrets?
comment Is there a secret sharing scheme which allows delegation/re-sharing without reconstructing the original secret?
In the typical programming scenario, it wouldn't be created then evaluated. It would just be evaluated at xi by summing the values of the basis polynomials evaluated at xi. The same programming construct the parties use to evaluate L(0) can be used to evaluate L(xi). Not sure if you need me to recreate the steps or the polynomial here, or if you are getting at something else?
comment Necessity for finite field arithmetic and the prime number p in Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme
@fgrieu thanks for that quote. I overlooked it. Had I read that statement I would not have asked this unnecessary Q.