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I do all of these things:

  • program in perl, C, C++, ruby, javascript, assembly, and java.
  • avoid php
  • use opengl/webgl to make stupid pointless stuff
  • write raytracers (see avatar)
  • wade through rails code
  • read chinese
  • play metal guitar
  • write boring mini-biographies that nobody will read, just to get a badge.

How well I do any of these things is up for debate.

comment A fair peer-based coin-flipping protocol?
Then AFAICT all I need to to is have each peer reject the hash it receives if it is identical to the one it sent. unique id's are covered by salt. Order is not important as long as one peer gets a hash before revealing its random number. In fact I think only one end needs to create a hash in the first place.
comment A fair peer-based coin-flipping protocol?
How would a replay attack work? A peer that receives the exact hash it just sent can simply reject the exchange. Re-use of previous hashes provides no benefit to the sender, only the receiver.