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Jordan Arseno

I build resider.ca & PHP+CI apps

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comment Storage of Private Keys
Thanks to all. Much appreciate your help!
comment Storage of Private Keys
@DavidSchwartz: How can I use the user's password to decrypt their private key when their private key was encrypted using the master public key as you've said? (at)CodeInChaos - can you elaborate on this a bit? Wouldn't a smaller hot wallet mean users couldn't spend their accounts in full?
comment Storage of Private Keys
This works great for password recovery, but not so well for spending coins. The web application will need to decrypt their encrypted private key any time coins wish to be spent. Therefore the master private key cannot be kept offline; it will have to be used every spending transaction. Am I understanding this right?
comment Storage of Private Keys
Ahh, I see why you asked now. Even if I provide them with the ability to create a new password, their coins will still be lost forever... I could send their initial password to their email address on signup so they have a permanent copy. And also on "Change Password Requests" email it to them then as well. Just thinking out loud here. Would like to hear any recommendations.
comment Storage of Private Keys
They can have a password reset link sent to their email address.