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comment AES encryption for images
@dchest: You need to do those few XORs for each chaining so overall when the size of the image increases then the number of operations is also increasing. If you encrypt an image, you are not able to open it using standard viewers unless you redraw the encrypted block back to an image. This second step should not be in place which brings overhead once you deal with thousands of images. If the encrypted image can be viewed using a standard viewer then may be formation of a pattern can be seen which ensures that image is perceivable after encryption using any method or not.
comment AES encryption for images
@dchest: I meant ECB is much lighter than CBC in terms of the number of operations it requires. By codec problem, there is problem when you encode an image using any of AES modes, and pass it though any type of compression such as JPEG, you can not get the same image as you compress and then encrypt it. In addition, you can not open the encrypted file using any codec enabled viewer.
comment AES encryption for images
There are other problems namely codec compliant or fast online enc/dec see this paper or even large number of operations that are required to encrypt an image. Are these addressed by any algorithm?