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I'm offering my services as an online tutor for Python on TeachStreet. And if you feel like giving me a tip for a good answer, send me some Bitcoins at 1bDMa8UcyHX71kNJUVcCyrDCkum3TDybQ.

I've been programming since I was 8. I started with Apple Basic, then Timex Sinclair (ZX-81 at the time) Basic. After that I discovered the list of op-codes next to the ASCII chart in my ZX-81 manual. I began to compile my own hand-lettered sheets that put all the addressing modes of a given instruction in the same place so I could more easily handle-assemble small machine language programs.

It's gone on from there. The learning never ends.

Currently I do most of my programming in Python and C++ on Linux. I have a strong preference for Open Source software.

I've noticed that this site tends to have a slight bias for existing members. Members with a higher reputation tend to be voted up more even if their answer is very similar to someone else's with a lower reputation.

comment Guarding against cryptanalytic breakthroughs: combining multiple hash functions
I always feel nervous directly feeding the result of one hash function into another. I know that theoretically it's supposed to be just fine, but somehow it seems like maybe my output range will in actuality be smaller than the full possible output range. Of course, if I just fed it in concatenated with itself I'd feel better about it, but that's probably also a bit silly.
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