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comment Simply put, what does “perfect secrecy” mean?
Thank you! I have a clear idea of what it is now. So if in a certain transposition cipher, each of the blocks of plaintext are assigned to a completely random key... does this achieve perfect secrecy? It would seem the case since you can't possibly learn anything from it with just the ciphertext... and yet, it's different than the one-time pad because of the lack of xor, so it "can't" have perfect secrecy, right? I apologize if I should have made another question instead.
comment Figuring out key in hill cipher (chosen-plaintext attack)
Sorry, it seems like I misunderstood your answer. I thought I could just encrypt each letter in the plaintext at a time, but it doesn't work since the key matrix is at least 2x2, right? Could you elaborate a bit more on what you mean by one-block strings?