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comment What is the security loss from reducing Rijndael to 128 bits block size from 256 bits?
possible duplicate of Why most people use 256 bit encryption instead of 128 bit?
comment Security of a 3-party key exchange protocol
Is this homework?
comment Cryptography used for login and signing transactions
I know it's quite specific, I know other banks use this as well in some form (at least here and in the UK)
comment How to bring little changes in DES algorithm
Isn't the assignment finding out what to change? I think you should read up on the algorithms first and make sure you understand them as best as you can. Then come back when you have more specific questions. If we do your homework for you, you won't be learning anything :)
comment Could the Enigma algorithm be classified as a Feistel network?
FYI Actually it was built before the war for commercial businesses and then adopted by the army. Very cool story on how it was developed :)
comment What is sent on the initial communication with Kerberos?
No no, I meant I am Alice I want to talk to Bob, we still have the ticket granting service and authentication service. When Authenticating with the kerberos client to the AS, you send a message containing the current timestamp and your username. I knew the password fitted in somewhere but I didn't know where anymore :).