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Many of my questions get down-voted because people don't understand them, or don't understand what I am trying to do.

comment Needed: signature over a collection of hashes
thanks. I did an analysis of Bloom filters for this purpose several years ago and we were not happy with the results. Against even a modest adversary, it is possible to produce hash values that alias to valid hashes in the Bloom. That is, it is possible to create false positives more-or-less at will.
comment Needed: signature over a collection of hashes
I'm aware of Merkle Trees. They require that each hash be distributed with additional material that it can use to perform the proof. It's close to what I want and I thought about using them, but they're not quite what I want.
comment Did Merkle invent cryptographic hashing?
I can't find the Rabin 78 paper online. The Rabin 79 MIT/LCS/TR-212 does not have iterated hash functions. It's true that hash functions were well known in 1978 as were one-way functions, but I haven't found one-way hash functions before Merkle's thesis.