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comment If a cryptanalytic breakthrough is made, what process should be followed?
I've edited the question to make it more generic; let me know what you think (I can always roll it back, or the OP can). I think, personally, that it is a difficult case to decide if this question is in-scope, so I'll be guided by everyone else. Also, I've introduced an ethics tag which may or may not be a good idea - anyone with any better suggestions (soft-question?) please shout.
comment UMAC: to what extent is it in use today?
I think that pretty much covers everything I wanted to know... have a green tick!
comment How do I apply differential cryptanalysis to a block cipher?
Thanks for that; I've had a chance to review those links and they're definitely helpful!
comment Necessity of Randomness of Salts?
@PaĆ­lo Thomas answers this in his comment with the two-password same salt problem. Perhaps I should have a 3) for that? Also, there is a practical consideration - what happens if you change user name for any reason? You'd need to recompute the hash, so you'd need the password to be input. That may or may not be acceptable to you.