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I'm a software developer from the Netherlands. I mainly write embedded systems for electronic braking systems for trucks, trailers, buses and rail vehicles.

Coding in C# is a hobby and not usually part of my professional career.

On StackOverflow I mostly review posts, flag inappropiate questions and answers and edit badly formatted posts; activities that do not gain reputation, but are very necessary!

comment What are some approaches to attack an triple key polyalphabetic cipher when the IV key and PT key are known?
Nice! And how sadly wrong I was about the letters... did the other letters of the keyword appear in alphabetical order?
comment Kryptos : K1. What is the origin of the “palimpsest” keyword?
Interesting theory, however the Es do not appear like that in the morse.. I´m going to take a look with my transcripts to see what other ways there may be to construct PALIMPSEST. Thanks!