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Started programming on a Control Data mainframe in FORTRAN IV, back when that was still a new thing. Was apparently quite masochistic, because I kept programming anyway. For that matter, I still do...

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comment In what way is XXTEA really vulnerable?
I would tend to look at it from the other direction: do you have a specific reason to use something other than AES? If not, that's an obvious and safe choice (with many freely-available implementations).
comment How much does a successful Distinguishing Attack “break” the attacked stream cipher?
Google for "traffic analysis" for some ideas about how the traffic can be used without decryption, but only if you can distinguish real traffic from random trash.
comment What algorithm would give the shortest ciphertext for very short plaintexts?
@JoelFan: A fixed IV defeats the purpose of having an IV at all. To be useful, each IV must be unique.
comment Verilog simulation of Data Encryption Standard
You might want to use an existing DES core for comparison/regression testing.
comment What is pre-image resistance, and how can the lack thereof be exploited?
@PaĆ­loEbermann: Perhaps -- realistically, talking about which is more devastating is a little like arguing about whether it's worse to die by guillotine or firing squad. Either way you're dead (in a hurry). Just to be a bit more clear, I'll edit it anyway.
comment Why do we need special key-wrap algorithms?
It's probably worth noting that one of the conclusions from the paper is that although they think the algorithms they analyzed are probably at least reasonably correct, they could not prove any of them, and most of them are sufficiently complex (and some contain unexplained bits and pieces) that such a proof may well be impossible.
comment Is Blowfish strong enough for VPN encryption?
Being fair, DES was at least as much a product of IBM as of any federal bureaucracy (if anything, much more so).
comment Now that quantum computers have been out for a while, has RSA been cracked?
@Rob:oops, quite right. Corrected, and thank you.