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IT-Student and freelance developer. Interrested in:

  • Languages
    • C#
    • Java
    • SQL
    • C
    • PHP
  • Cryptography
  • Servers
  • Unix/Linux

Aside from my IT skills, I am also

  • often listening to electronic music and metal
  • a decent marksman with sniper rifles
  • a devoted gamer
  • speaking a little japanese

comment Is the number of creatable torrents limited?
Indeed. I thought about this earlier with MD5-hashes instead of SHA, since they're much shorter. It would be interresting to try out crafting torrents with pre-defined hashes. Although, I guess it's impossible to sucessfully "prevent" usage of a torrent by interrupting the network with other files. On an average connection with approx. 300 GB downloaded data, about 160 MB fail. By sending "junk" into the network, this number will significantly increase, although automated algorithms will prevent those "bad peers" from spreading.