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Electronics Engineer, Amateur Cryptographer with interests in designing real random and psuedorandom bit generators.

"Randomness is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you are going to get"

                                                                   Forrest Gump Jr.

"You can't use mathematical means to create true randomness but you can use mathematical means to stretch a short truly random bitstream into a binary string of virtually infinite length that is indistinguishable from the uniform distribution, the distinguisher being a Universal Turing Machine". John Von Neumann Jr.

"It's trivial to make a Turing machine that fools all other Turing machines into "thinking" that they are looking at an unpredictable uniform distribution. Here is the schematic."

                                                                   Alan Turing Jr.

revised Linear Feedback Shift Register Taps
revised Are there practical upper limits of RSA key lengths?
correct word here is practical, not practically