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David Hogue

Hi! My name is David. I live in the Portland, Oregon area. I write software for a living.

I am interested in a variety of programming and tech related topics. Particularly in higher level concepts like design patterns, techniques and security. I like to write solid unit tested code. I keep code simple and refactor when it's worthwhile. I'm always looking out for new and better ways to do things and love to share what i find.

I've been using a lot of C#, SQL and JavaScript at work, but I've used most of the major languages such as Java, C, Python, VB.net, Shell Scripting, PowerShell, HTML, CSS, etc. Currently I'm exploring Node.js, CouchDB, MongoDB, and a bunch of little libraries.

I've written core features for the Pixelsilk CMS as well as many custom projects at Smart Solutions.

Other than that I'm into games, comics, anime, cosplay & conventions, cooking, lifting, and apparently I've even taken up gardening lately.