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comment Key exchange and man in the middle issue. Secure solution
@GalacticJello Hardly. Things described there are pretty much basic theory which I know already. The case I am talking about is not when Eve listens to messages between Alice and Bob, but when Eve replaces their messages with her own, therefore simple exchange of asymmetric keys or DH will not work because each side (Alice and Bob) will think that their message received by another (Bob or Alice respectively), but in fact all messages are received by Eve and replaced with her desired messages. Therefore whole DH isn't working here and there should be some other way around this issue.
comment Key exchange and man in the middle issue. Secure solution
Could you maybe go a little bit more into details of such an exchange? I am quite new to cryptography with more of exact implementation experience rather than theory. In my understanding when we talk about trusted Trent that means we supply to each party digital entity capable of proving identity of Trent (public key, certificate or similar). If we have it, then Trent can act as trusted 3rd party signing Bobs public key before it is sent to Alice where as signature should be a prove of who is the sender, thus if there is MiTM then the key can't be replaced.