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MirBSD founder (this includes mksh and jupp development), FreeWRT core team member (and casual developer for its partial successor OpenADK), Debian Developer (and Grml contributor), and doing lots of OSS work in general. Member of the Teckids society for promoting IT and science (with focus on Open Source and privacy) in youngsters.

I hereby offer all content I author on the SO/StackExchange network also under The MirOS Licence (HTML version with less WTF-8) in addition to “cc-wiki” (CC-BY-SA 2.5 or 3.0, depending on the SO/SE network site, apparently). I urge everyone else contributing here to do the same.

English is only my third language, so please excuse any mistakes related to that I may make, e.g. when not fully awake. I do try.

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