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comment Security of a 3-party key exchange protocol
The single character variable notation makes me not want to try understanding this. If it takes me more than a few seconds to decide whether this is a protocol question or a crypto question, you're not being sufficiently clear.
comment Knowing a valid salted hash for an unknown secret, is it possible to compute another valid hash?
Generally once we start talking about crypto with formal logic notations, I punt that over to our sister site that focuses on crypto.
comment How to bring little changes in DES algorithm
Sounds to me like it's more open-ended than it is for a specific assignment. Figured I'd give it a punt over here.
comment Do parts of a hash carry the properties of the entire hash?
My understanding is yes, but I'll skip answering and wait for one of the cryptographers to weigh in.
comment Can I determine if a user has the wrong symmetric encryption key?
@BarryWark Can you store the hash of a specified block / block chain in a separate file?
comment How to enhance randomness of AES?
I see that you're using an initialization vector. If that's sufficiently random, I believe you should be good. Padding to a specific size multiple may also be advisable. Change your IV for every message, of course.