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Top new questions this week:

EC public key with leading zeros

Let us take example of secp256k1 curve. The current known public key with most leading zero (in x cordinate) is: ...

elliptic-curves dsa elliptic-curve-generation secp256k1  
user avatar asked by madhurkant Score of 3

Why do we need additional secret value (k) in ECDSA?

Formula for calculating an ECDSA signature (r, s) is: s = k-1(z + qr) k - private key for a random point R z - hash of a message q - original private key r - x(R) I am interested in why do we need ...

elliptic-curves signature dsa  
user avatar asked by LeaBit Score of 3
user avatar answered by fgrieu Score of 7

"crandall" - unsolved CTF challenge - ASIS-quals-2023


rsa attack  
user avatar asked by akonzu Score of 2
user avatar answered by Lery Score of 2

Source of encryption scheme used in blockchain based IoT

I've found the following encryption scheme UserA: $$sk_A, pk_A = sk_A \cdot G$$ UserB: $$sk_B, pk_B = sk_B \cdot G$$ Enc: UserA $$u \in \mathbb{Z}_q^* \\ Y = u \cdot pk_B \\ S = H(U) \oplus m \\ C = (...

encryption cryptanalysis hashed-elgamal  
user avatar asked by coolgirl Leon Score of 2

knowledge soundness in IVC paper

In "On Defining Proofs of Knowledge" by Mihir Bellare and Oded Goldreich, the definition of knowledge soundness (KS) is (See Definition 3.1): Validity (with error $\kappa$): Let $p(x)>\...

user avatar asked by ohmygoddess Score of 2

Entropy extraction from a Zerner diode TRNG

My project is to build a true random number generator that relies on the avalanche effect in a Zerner diode. This for a messaging device that uses one-time-pad encryption. Reading about similar ...

random-number-generator entropy sha-512  
user avatar asked by Björn Morén Score of 2
user avatar answered by Paul Uszak Score of 1

Is there an algebra group (or ring) in which computing the inverse element is hard without some trapdoor information?

Specifically, I want an algebra group $G$ (or ring $R$) features: Given elements $g,h\in G$ (or $R$ ), computing $g\cdot h \in G$ (or $R$ ) is easy. Given an element $g \in G$ (or $R$ ), finding the ...

rsa elliptic-curves finite-field group-theory ring-lwe  
user avatar asked by ming alex Score of 2
user avatar answered by Mehdi Tibouchi Score of 4

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is U2FsdGVkX1?

Using CryptoJS 3.1 I noticed that using 3Des, the encrypted message always start with U2FsdGVkX1 Why is the first part of the encryption always the same? What information does this hold and how ...

encryption implementation 3des  
user avatar asked by Thomas Score of 11
user avatar answered by woliveirajr Score of 13

What is the difference between PKCS#5 padding and PKCS#7 padding

One runtime platform provides an API that supplies PKCS#5 padding for block cipher modes such as ECB and CBC. These modes have been defined for the triple DES, AES and Blowfish block ciphers. The ...

encryption aes block-cipher modes-of-operation padding  
user avatar asked by Maarten Bodewes Score of 99
user avatar answered by Maarten Bodewes Score of 121

Why shouldn't I use ECB encryption?

I'm using Java to generate encrypted strings, and I get this warning at build time: ECB encryption mode should not be used So I'm wondering why I shouldn't use ECB and what I can use instead?

encryption block-cipher ecb  
user avatar asked by Rogue Score of 70
user avatar answered by Ilmari Karonen Score of 106

Avalanche effect in DES

I couldn't understand the avalanche effect in DES. Could someone explain how avalanche effect happens in DES

encryption block-cipher des feistel-network  
user avatar asked by user5507 Score of 9
user avatar answered by woliveirajr Score of 15

What is the importance of Modular arithmetic in cryptography?

Why do we use modular arithmetic so often in Cryptography?

encryption public-key symmetric  
user avatar asked by user5507 Score of 18
user avatar answered by mikeazo Score of 13

Does Schnorr's 2021 factoring method show that the RSA cryptosystem is not secure?

Claus Peter Schnorr recently posted a 12-page factoring method by SVP algorithms. Is it correct? It says that the algorithm factors integers $N \approx 2^{400}$ and $N \approx 2^{800}$ by $4.2 \cdot ...

rsa factoring  
user avatar asked by Blanco Score of 95
user avatar answered by Geoffroy Couteau Score of 80

Creating your own encryption and decryption algorithm

I'm very uneducated when it comes to cryptography. I have tried to find an answer to my question, but what I've read doesn't quite cover what I'm asking. I have thought up my own encryption algorithm ...

encryption classical-cipher vigenere  
user avatar asked by user1575550 Score of 17
user avatar answered by NuminousName Score of 15

Can you answer these questions?

Is it safe to derive a Falcon512 key pair from a XOF output?

I'm working on a program that requires multiple key pairs from multiple algorithms to be derived from a single 128-byte master seed. However, I couldn't find an implementation for Falcon512 that ...

signature post-quantum-cryptography xof seed  
user avatar asked by Zola Gonano Score of 1
user avatar answered by Maarten Bodewes Score of 0

Does ECC give the most secure assymetric cipher for a given public key size?

Cracking an ideal block cipher is basically a brute force key enumeration. The complexity of the attack is exponential, growing as $2^b$. Cracking ECC is also exponential, but the cost grows as $2^{\...

public-key elliptic-curves key-size  
user avatar asked by 槿铃兔 Score of 1

Questions about TLS 1.3 inspection with commercial middleboxes

i'm trying to learn how commercial (for example PaloAlto or Fortigate) middleboxes intercept and decrypt TLS 1.3 traffic. To do that I started observing the TLS traffic between the client, middlebox ...

tls man-in-the-middle  
user avatar asked by nkovana Score of 2
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