In federated learning using homomorphic encryption, all participants in most schemes share the same pair of keys, which can easily cause key leaks and lead to data privacy leaks.

After research, I found that someone proposed to use a multi-key homomorphic encryption algorithm to solve the above problems. But I wonder why no one has added a key management scheme, such as secret sharing, to the existing single-key homomorphic encryption schemes, so that each participant has only a part of the key.

This can also solve the problem of single-key encryption in federated learning. The key homomorphic encryption key is easy to leak. Is it feasible to apply secret sharing as a key management scheme in federated learning based on homomorphic encryption?


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Indeed people have studied secret sharing + homomorphic encryption, it's actually one of those multi-party homomorphic encryption schemes. Check https://eprint.iacr.org/2021/1412 for some introduction.


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