For some common curve, can we exhibit three distinct ECDSA signatures $(r,s_1)$, $(r,s_2)$, $(r,s_3)$, a message $m$, and valid public key $Q$, such that the signatures verify?

Can we also generate the private key $d$ matching $Q$?

Can we do this for given $Q$ and matching $d$?

For two signatures, that's trivial: $s_2=n-s_1$ will do (where $n$ is the group order).

For three (then trivially four) signatures and a curve with $p>n$, which includes secp256k1, secp256r1, secp384r1, there mathematically exist solutions sharing a common $r$ matching two different X coordinates for the ephemeral points. But I don't see how we could exhibit a solution without solving a DLP.

The question is motivated by this other question.



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