Are there different versions of CAST-256 - also known as CAST6 - available? Are there different S-Boxes available for CAST-256? If there are different versions or S-Boxes what identifier should I use to indicate them?

I have an issue with PHP mcrypt version of CAST-256 (the link goes to the ill maintained mcrypt library underneath) where I cannot generate the same value as the one in the test vectors for CAST-256. In case anyone wants to try, I'm using the first test vector from the RFC. The Bouncy Castle libraries (v1.51) for Java seem to generate the correct value.



  • the same code on other block ciphers in mcrypt without issue and triple checked the mcrypt input/output values - code available on request;
  • "Applied Cryptography 2nd Edition" by Bruce Schneier talks about configurable S-Boxes for the original CAST cipher, but I don't see the same indication for CAST-256 other than that it should reuse the S-Boxes of CAST-128;
  • there is a set of 4 S-Boxes required for CAST-256, so the S-Boxes in the code are all part of the same configuration.


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