I'm looking all over the internet for prime192v3's parameters. I think I may have found them here, but it doesn't say what variable each number matches to. Is there some central place where I can find this information?


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You need to look at the constructors and see which values correspond to which parameters.

The ECCurveFp reference is here

Note that $P$ is given in decimal

$P = \texttt{6277101735386680763835789423207666416083908700390324961279}$

$a = \texttt{fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffefffffffffffffffc}$

$b = \texttt{22123dc2395a05caa7423daeccc94760a7d462256bd56916}$

The X9ECParameters reference is here

Note that $G$ is in compressed form

$G = \texttt{027d29778100c65a1da1783716588dce2b8b4aee8e228f1896}$

$n = \texttt{ffffffffffffffffffffffff7a62d031c83f4294f640ec13}$

$h = \texttt{1}$

$seed = \texttt{c469684435deb378c4b65ca9591e2a5763059a2e}$


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