In PKCS1's Probabilistic Signature Mode you have the Hash and the MGF Hash. Both appear to be, by default, sha1, with the OpenSSL CLI client, however, I can change it to sha256 with the following:

openssl dgst -sha256 -sigopt rsa_padding_mode:pss -sigopt rsa_pss_saltlen:-1 -out signature.txt -sign privatekey.txt plaintext.txt

What if I wanted to have the Hash be sha256 and the MGF Hash by sha1? Is that possible? I just wonder because with Java the default mode for OAEP encryption changes the hash but not the MGF hash (thus making them disjoint)


Meta: since this is about using a tool not the underlying algorithm/math AIUI should be security.SE instead. If anyone can and wants to migrate feel free.

Per 1.0.2 source, -sigopt rsa_mgf1_md:name where name is the name of a hash available to EVP_getdigestbyname -- that is, implemented and not #if'ed out by default (MD2) nor manually.

For FIPS mode if relevant, I think you can set a non-FIPS hash but then the operation using it will fail, but I don't have a FIPS build set up to test.


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