Anyone aware of a library that has MA-ABE implemented in any language preferably python?

P/S - I hope this is the right place to ask this. Apologies if not, then a redirect will be appreciated


Charm crypto, a Python framework, contains three multi-authority schemes. Two of them were contributed by me: 1 & 2 and another one was already included.

Yannis Rouselakis also has a MA-ABE implementation in Charm on his site.

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  • $\begingroup$ Awesome. Thanks for the links. I need to explore the Charm library more as that is what I will be using to implement. $\endgroup$ – chisky Feb 9 '16 at 22:02
  • $\begingroup$ Also I noticed that the MA-ABE implementations are CP-ABE based, is there any for KP-ABE? May have to try and implement that myself then :) $\endgroup$ – chisky Feb 9 '16 at 22:04

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